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Associated rarities and curios

70 Flow Wight poster (wm).jpg

"Don’t Fight – Flow Wight” poster (1970)


An unofficial, “alternative”, festival poster, commissioned by Duplicating with a Difference, and designed by freelance artist John Wright (with an instruction for it to be designed “as psychedelic as possible”). Apparently over 1,000 were printed, however sadly only a few were actually sold. Many more were accidentally destroyed that weekend, but 150 copies survived; stashed away by the designer, and forgotten about for many years until they were rediscovered twenty years later. 

If you look closely at the photo below, you can see them for sale on this offsite stall (in Freshwater, we believe).

Poster Sellers 2.JPG
70 Bootleg poster (wm).jpg
70 Bootleg Poster (Black) (wm).jpg

Unofficial poster (1970)


An eye-catching screen print, by an unknown designer, and sold unofficially by bootleggers at the festival. A number of various colours are still in existence, including black on yellow, navy blue on yellow, and red on yellow.


Below you can see a photograph of these prints being sold on the festival site. I wonder whether there might still be any of the shown Jimi Hendrix prints in existence...

Poster Sellers.JPG
69 CP Dylan Poster 2.jpg

Unofficial Bob Dylan Posters (1969)

Two unofficial Dylan prints commissioned by The Isle of Wight County Press (so we're informed) to commemorate the event (and no doubt to make a bit of cash off of the back of it) 

70 Norwegian Tour Itinerary (wm).jpg

Norwegian Travel Itinerary (1970)

70 Movie Invoice (wm).jpg

Invoice relating (presumably) to Murray Learner's movie (1970)

68 NME Mockup (wm).jpg

7" Vinyl "Let The World Wash In" by I Luv Wight (1970)

Quite an interesting tale behind this one, Pop Pickers - apparently recorded by Kaleidoscope, under the pseudonym I Luv Wight, just as they were about to change their name to Fairfield Parlour, and intended to be the official theme tune of the festival. 

By all accounts the tune was ultimately not used as the festival theme tune; Fairfield Parlour made it onto the Festival bill, however the single never made it into the charts

Artist's mock-up for an advert in the NME, August 1968

70 Let The World Wash In.jpg
70 Let The World Wash In ad.jpg

Evening Standard Festival Fun Book

A souvenir edition from August, 1970

69 Unofficial Programme (reverse) (wm).j
69 Unofficial Programme (front) (wm).jpg

Unofficial Souvenir Brochure (1969)

We imagine printed well in advance of the festival line-up being confirmed, due to the incorrect inclusion of Pink Floyd as a featured artist. We also wonder whether the WEM advert which adorns the reverse cover indicates that perhaps this was produced more for their own marketing purposes rather than a festival programme per se.   


Unofficial Festival Programme (1970)

Quite a rare item - not a great deal of information exists of its history, but on the rear is printed "Printed by Waterloo Press (London) Ltd., 2a Albert Terrace, Albert Square, SW8", so although available for purchase onsite, certainly nothing to do with Fiery Creations. 

Evening Standard Press Pass 1970_edited.

1970 Press Pass

Typed on an Evening Standard memo, and stamped by Fiery Creations for authenticity.

Freek Press No_edited.jpg

Freek Press No.8

Copy of the free press that was being produced and distributed amongst the festival attendees, presumably on a daily basis, to keep them informed of what was going on from an independent, "voice of the people", perspective. From the content of this one, it's presumably the "Sunday edition"; therefore if one edition was being published each day, we can further assume that this publication had been up and running for at least the previous week or so. 

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