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The Isle of wight festival of music 1969

Based upon the relative success of the previous year’s event, Fiery Creations decided to really go for it in 1969, putting on a considerably larger, more ambitious, and far better organised event over the weekend of Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st August, 1969 (only two weeks after Woodstock had taken place in the US). This event took place in Wootton which, being located on the Island’s northern coast, proved far easier for the (estimated 150,000-200,000) festival goers to journey to. A "free concert" was also held on Friday 29th.

The big draw that year was (famously) Bob Dylan, making his first live appearance in 3 years, following a motorbike accident that had driven him into virtual reclusion from the outside World. Even A-List celebrities including members of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones made the pilgrimage to the Isle of Wight that year, just to see Dylan perform. However, let’s not forget the impressive list of other acts on the bill, which included artists such as The Who, Richie Havens, The Moody Blues, Joe Cocker etc.


As this was a far grander, far more publicised event, memorabilia is generally more readily available than for the ‘68 event, but still some pieces are rarer than others 

Unless specified otherwise, all artwork was designed by David Fairbrother-Roe (Fiery Creations’ resident designer) 

Promotional Poster  

Printed by Solent Graphics, we assume that this poster was intended for advertising purposes in the windows of ticket agencies and outlets. It incorporates the famous, David Fairbrother-Roe designed, “King Kong” theme that also appeared on many other officially produced items for that year’s Festival. Measuring 45 x 30cm. 

Isle of Wight Festival 1969 Poster Memorabilia "Bob Dylan" "The Who"
69 Weekend Ticket (reverse) (wm).jpg
Isle of Wight Festival 1969 Ticket Memorabilia Bob Dylan The Who

Weekend Ticket 

Featuring a double “King Kong” design, with the full weekend’s line-up listed on the reverse. Printed by Solent Graphics on light card. Measuring 17 x 10cm (including stub).

Isle of Wight Festival 1969 Bob Dylan Press Cutting

Day Tickets

These tickets have been the topic of much debate. Basically, when intact, these tickets look almost identical to the weekend tickets, however they have a perforation straight down the middle, and lack the text which runs vertically up the reverse of the weekend tickets. So our natural conclusion (based also upon the fact that no unused books seem to exist of just Saturday, or just Sunday tickets) is that these are in fact tickets for individual days. But then why print them in this way? If I were a ticket agent, and someone wanted to buy a Saturday ticket, then I'd have to detach it both from the book, and the Sunday ticket that it was attached to, leaving me potentially with a drawer full of loose tickets. Very odd... 

69 Weekend Ticket (perforated) (wm).jpg
68 Day Ticket (Sunday).jpg



Two versions were produced. The first, one-sided, and printed in black on white glossy paper. The second, identical to the 1st edition, however it is double-sided (containing details of the festival on the reverse), and printed in magenta on white.


Both versions designed by Dave Roe, but without the inclusion of the usual “King Kong” theme.


Measuring 25 x 13.5cm approx. 

Isle of Wight Festival 1969 Flyer Memorabilia Bob Dylan
Isle of Wight Festival 1969 Programme Memorabilia Bob Dyaln The Who
69 Melody Maker Advert - Programmes for


Featuring a very colourful version of Dave Roe’s “King Kong” design on the front cover, and (generally) 42 black and white pages inside. However interestingly, when Fiery Creations produced this programme (via Solent Graphics) it included a one-page advert associating Bob Dylan with “Fender Guitars and Amps supplied by Sound City”. This caused a problem with Dylan’s management, who insisted that the offending page be physically removed from every copy of the programme. Therefore, whilst copies of this programme are in general abundance, finding one that still includes the Fender advert isn’t quite as easy.


After the festival had taken place, Fiery Creations still had a number of these "complete" programmes in their possession, which they then advertised for general sale (see the advert pictured here from a September '69 copy of Melody Maker). This explains why the "complete" copies still in existence are generally found in better condition than ones bought at the festival. 


Measuring 30 x 21cm. 

Pass out


Printed on the same grade of card as the festival tickets themselves, and measuring only 8 x 5 cm (approx.), these were issued on the exit gate of the arena to people who needed to pop out, then come back again. Two slightly different designs were produced: purple on white (Saturday); orange on white (Sunday). 

69 Pass out (Sunday) (wm).jpg
69 Pass out (Saturday) (wm).jpg
69 Programme Missing Page (wm).jpg
69 Press pass.jpg

Press pass 

Printed in magenta on white card, and incorporating a double “King Kong” motif. A "weekend pass”, if you will, similar to the weekend ticket, with Saturday’s access on the left, and Sunday’s on the right. 

69 Kong (yellow) (wm).jpg
69 Kong (cerise) (wm).jpg

“King Kong dayglo” poster  

Another take on Dave Roe’s “King Kong” design, produced for general sale at the festival site. Screen printed on heavy grade paper in (at least) three, very vivid colours that we know of; Yellow, cerise and orange. Measuring 79 x 43 cm (approx.) 

Dylan poster 1 

Screen printed in black on white, using heavy-grade paper. Interestingly, we had always assumed that these were produced for general sale at the festival itself, however very recently it has been brought to our attention that someone "acquired" one of these posters from a local pub, where it was being displayed the week prior to the festival, which therefore suggests their purpose was more promotional. 


Apparently the inclusion of an “old” image of Dylan, rather than his new image (which he would be launching on the public for the first time at this festival) didn’t go down too well with Dylan’s management. Too late!


Measuring 74 x 48cm (approx.) 

Isle of Wight Festival 1969 Bob Dylan Press Cutting
Isle of Wight Festival 1969 Poster Bob Dylan The Who
69 Dylan Poster 2 (wm).jpg

Dylan Poster 2 

Contrary to popular belief, the "Double Dylan" poster is not in fact a "doubled-up" version of the Dylan Poster 1 (above). We know this because a) its dimensions (86cm x 57cm approx.) are not double the dimensions of Poster 1; and b) no examples of the right hand side seem to exist on their own. All the same, it's a very fine looking print, created specifically for sale on site. 

69 Matchbox (front) (wm).jpg

Souvenir matchbox


Once again, featuring the “King Kong” theme, these boxes of matches were produced by “Bouldens Match Company, Southampton”. As you can imagine, once the matches were all spent, these boxes most likely ended up in the bin, but a very small number are still in existence. Measuring 12 x 9cm (approx.) 

69 Dylan Stickers (wm).jpg

Bob Dylan stickers

69 Compliment Slip (wm).jpg
69 Invoice (wm).jpg

Fiery Creations Invoice 

Beautifully emblazoned with the Fiery Creations Ltd logo in red, black and orange at the top; the registered address of “Tavistock House” dates these invoices to around 1969, prior to Fiery Creations’ relocation to their new HQ at “Inglefield” in 1970. Copies of these attractive invoices are in existence both in used and unused condition. Measuring 29.5 x 21cm (approx.) 

Fiery Creations Ltd Compliment Slip

Again, the given address dates this slip to 1969. Measuring 14.5 cm x 10.5cm (approx.)

69 Letter from Fiery Creations (wm).jpg

Fiery Creations Ltd Headed Letter

Quite an interesting one this, as you can read for yourselves

More  Coming  Soon!

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